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Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard

  • Manufacturer: Microsoft.
  • Version: 2019 Standard.
  • Status: New.
  • Life Time: Permanently.
  • Language: All languages.
  • Digital License.
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€ 499.99 EUR


Exchange Server licensing.

Learn about your options for licensing Exchange Server.

Server licenses.

With this license type, a license must be assigned for each instance of the server software that is being run. There are two server editions:

Standard: designed for the mailbox needs of small to midsize organizations. Also appropriate for non-mailbox roles in a larger Exchange deployment. This edition supports 1 to 5 mailbox databases.

Enterprise: designed for larger organizations that may require a greater number of mailbox databases. This edition supports 1 to 100 mailbox databases.


Either of the following types of 64-bit processors:

  • Intel processor that supports Intel 64 architecture(formerly known as Intel EM64T).
  • AMD processor that supports the AMD64 platform.

Notes: Intel Itanium IA64 processors are not supported.

Recommended supported processor sockets is up to 2 onphysical machines.


Varies by Exchange server role:

  • Mailbox: 128 GB minimum recommended.
  • Edge Transport: 64 GB minimum recommended.

Disk space.

  • At least 30 GB of free space on the drive where you'reinstalling Exchange.
  • At least 200 MB of free space on the system drive.
  • At least 500 MB of free space on the drive that contains themessage queue database.

Screen resolution.

  • 1024 x 768 pixels (XGA) or higher

File system.

NTFS: Required on partitions that contain the followingtypes of files:

  • The System partition.
  • Exchange binaries.
  • Files generated by Exchange diagnostic logging.
  • Transport database files (for example, the mail queuedatabase).
  • ReFS: Supported on partitions that contain the followingtypes of Exchange files:
  • Mailbox databases.
  • Transaction logs.
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